The Truth About Money Laundering

Money lau­ndering takes place in virtually every country across the world, and just one scheme usually calls for transferring money via numerous countries as a way to hide its origin. Cash laundering is the action of making money which originates from one source appear like it originates from a different source. In this process, scammers are trying to conceal the sources of money acquired by unlawful actions so it seems like it was acquired by legal methods because they are unable to use the money since it could link them to illegal actions.

The criminals who launder money are mobsters, drug traffickers, corrupt people in politics and public service, terrorists and so on. Drug traffickers are in need of laundering methods since they deal in cash, which leads to a variety of logistics difficulties.
At so-called placement phase, the launderer invests the dirty money into a legit bank. This is usually in the shape of cash deposits. That is the riskiest phase of the laundering process since significant amounts of money are quite noticeable, and banks are mandatory to report all higher -value transactions.

Layering includes distributing money via several monetary transactions to shift its form and cause it too tough to track. Layering might include a number of bank-to-bank transactions, wire transfers among various accounts in various names in several countries, making withdrawals and deposits to constantly change the sum of money in the balances, changing the currencies and buying luxury items (houses, motorboats, cars and so on) to shift the form of the money. That is the most elaborate action in any money laundering system, which is done to make the dirty money as difficult to track as possible.

At the integration phase, the money re-appears in the general economy in legit -looking shape. This could call for an ultimate bank transaction to the bank account of a local company wherein the launderer is making an “investment” in return for a cut in the earnings, the selling of a luxury boat purchased in the layering phase or the purchase of a $5 million screwdriver out of a company held by the launderer.

It can be very hard to catch a launderer in this stage if there aren’t any documents during the earlier stages.Money launderers frequently distribute money via numerous “offshore accounts” in countries with bank secrecy regulations, indicating that for all purposes and uses, these countries permit confidential banking. A complex plan can include 100s of bank transactions to and from offshore accounts. Reported by the IMF, main offshore locations include Bahrain, the Bahamas, Hong Kong, the Cayman Islands, Antilles, Singapore and Panama.

Launderers occasionally put dirty money in legit companies to clean it. They might use big companies like brokerage house or casinos which handle so much cash it’s simple for the dirty money to merge, or they could use smaller businesses such as strip clubs, bars or car washes. These businesses can be “front firms” that in fact do provide service or goods but their real function is to clean the dirty cash.

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Most Infamous Money Launderers In History

The most astonishing detail about the world’s most infamous cash launderers is that, even though they managed to launder more than $50 billion together, the combined overall time spent in prison for their offenses is under one year. That definitely makes them the “greatest” money launderers.

Semion Yudkovich Mogilevich

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Money Laundering – A Shady Business

The history of money laundering is, in the first place, that of concealing cash or assets from the government and its law enforcement. It is projected that about 2 trillion dollars, or even more is laundered on a yearly basis. Generally speaking, that is the action of making money [...] Continue Reading…